How it works


Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure experience

Linux server, Windows server, Apache, Ngnix, IIS, Tomcat, MySQL, Postgres, DNS experience



Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing experience

Cybersecurity Engineers


Python, PHP, Java, C++, ASP.NET, NodeJS, Android, iOS experience

Talent matching


With your requirements, we will match it to the most suitable talents in our team. All our engineering talents are hand-picked and background checked. 

Your requirements


The first step in the process of assembling your dedicated remote team is to understand what you need.

Team activated


Start using your remote support team. Team can be activated in as short as 2 weeks.

You decide their working hours, HR policies, and communication. We take care of them and keep them happy working for you.

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We help companies setup offshore engineering teams in Indonesia. 

Our engineers are skilled in Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud, Linux and Windows server management, cybersecurity, web programming and mobile apps development.